Well, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been

Brandon Peters didn’t get to play the school he transferred from, but the Illini beat the spread. Only two weeks until basketball starts.

But hey we’re headed to Ireland in two years, I guess:

Experts: It’s ‘a whole different ballgame’ once athletes get paid

Pay the players, cowards.

(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Illinois Issues: Voters Support More Statewide Gun Regulation, Survey Shows

(Sam Dunklau / Illinois Public Media)

Watch Steve Dolinsky visit Naya, Sam’s Cafe, more for ABC 7 Chicago

Finally Sam’s Cafe’s french toast is getting the regional network TV news coverage it deserves.

(Patrick Singer / Smile Politely)

Illinois Wheelchair Athletes Shine At Chicago Marathon


(Jim Meadows & The Associated Press / Illinois Public Media)

Friendships form among those flocking to Chick-fil-A for chance at free food


(Anthony Zilis / News-Gazette)

Whitman: Memorial Stadium may undergo upgrades

On the contrary, one could argue that if your performance is so poor (as Illini football’s is) that you don’t have any fans, you won’t need any $100 million stadium improvements.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

This brings up some shockingly valid points

The *Greatest* Mascot Idea Ever from r/UIUC

Proposal would set rules for planned Champaign distillery

Midtown on the come up.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

After 13 years, Savoy dealership’s hanging Honda back on solid ground

The car’s comin down folks.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)