Good Reads: 10/11/19

The U of I is blocking NPR reporters from reporting on sexual misconduct

If you’ve been following any U of I-related news lately you’ve probably noticed the continued fallout from ProPublica and NPR Illinois‘ latest investigation, which focuses on the U of I’s antiquated sexual misconduct policies, and the ramifications of that.

Recently, NPR Illinois was informed that any tips their reporters receive must be reported to the University first and foremost as part of the reporters’ role as mandated reporters and employees of the University of Illinois system.

The reporters, seeking an exception for their job as independent journalists, were denied. This essentially prevents NPR Illinois from any further investigation into the University of Illinois on this issue – one that the University has a bad track record of handling.

This comes on the heels of an investigation that has already uncovered some…unflattering facts about the University and how it handles misconduct.

One can’t say with absolute certainty that the University is seeking retribution by muting this investigation, but it certainly appears that way. It’s an awful look.

Here’s the statement from the (heavily-lawyered-up) University of Illinois System:

“Our primary goal is to enhance campus safety, and making sure that all employees report any instance of sexual misconduct is part of how we protect students and their welfare. We have received outside counsel on this issue and reviewed the legal and policy implications. The University of Illinois System has determined that requiring media employees to adhere to the ‘responsible employee’ reporting requirements is in the best interest of our students and would not violate any constitutional or other legal protections.”

Here it is, in meme form:

(Charles Orenstein / ProPublica)

UI athletic director still optimistic about Division I hockey, ice arena


(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

The Illini are 22.5 point underdogs tomorrow

At home. Against Michigan. In our coveted 11 am time slot. Yikes.

Tickets are still $36. Here’s a weird illustration of our players tackling a Michigan player on the colonnades (?):

Bring your gently used outerwear to the Cunningham Township Supervisor’s Office

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

He’s here: Bigger, badder Butkus statue set to make its debut

Bigger badder Butkus

(Matt Daniels / News-Gazette)


Drive-thru line at 6:30am this morning from r/UIUC

It’s Friday