The Illini are good now

I don’t know if you heard.

Underwood played the freshmen. Tevian Jones scored 18 points. The Illini are never losing again. This is a whole new team.

(Featured photo from @IlliniMBB on Twitter)

Listen to The Champaign Room‘s post-game podcast here.

Just Askin’ | Alcohol at Willard

They said it couldn’t be done, folks. We’re getting an airport bar.

…well it’s actually an Eintstein’s Coffee that also sells liquor. Small victories.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

We skate in the street now, also

It’s probably safer than driving. This was taken from r/UIUC this weekend.

When the city gets the ice just right from r/UIUC

Colorado State vs. Nevada

Two of central Illinois’ best basketball expats played each other last week in Reno, Nevada of all places.

Colorado State’s Kendle Moore, a freshman from Danville, is having an impressive debut; he’s started all 20 of the Rams’ games and is averaging just over 9 points a game.

Nevada’s Jordan Caroline, who spent two years playing at Champaign Central and was famously passed on by John Groce (!!!), is averaging nearly 19 points and 10 rebounds a game for Nevada, a top-10 team. He was also named a top-25 finalist for the Wooden Award,

Never thought I’d be posting highlights of a Mountain West basketball game, but here we are. Both players have some pretty great plays.

University of Illinois professor named Chief Disruption Officer

Only posting this because “Chief Disruption Officer” sounds wild. I wonder what that job description looks like.

(Fox Illinois)

Local GOP’s November defeat was a costly one

“It was bad enough that they lost all five countywide offices up for election, something that had never happened in the county’s history, but it also turns out that the GOP candidates lost even though they had outspent each of their Democratic opponents, in one case by almost 10-to-1. “


(Tom Kacich / News-Gazette)

ESPN’s John Buccigross says Illinois will be the next Division 1 hockey team

Pure speculation, but choo choo all aboard the hype train.


It’s too cold for trains, even. I didn’t know that was possible.

Even the courthouse will be closed.

Not touching this one with a 10,000-foot pole


(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Schools seek more adults, especially men, for mentoring program

(Lyndsay Jones / News-Gazette)

Get to know your municipal election candidates

Election day is April 2nd.

(CU Indivisible)

You can “Rent the Dome” for a unique Allerton experience

Not a dome, but it’s close.

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Nelly, Twista and Futuristic are performing at the county fairgrounds in May


CS passed 300 likes on Facebook

Hell yeah. Get you some.