Good Reads: 1/11/19

Illini lose to Michigan 79-69

If you follow the Illini at all, you know this was expected. 10 is better than 20, I guess.

Ayo is good, which either means the future is looking bright OR he’s gonna get the hell out of dodge (the latest ESPN NBA mock draft has him going in the low 20’s in the first round of the draft). One can only hope that we’ll get to see a season of Ayo/Trent/Cockburn before one of them leaves.

4-28 is a very, very real possibility. Woof.

(Featured photo from @IlliniMBB on Twitter)

Coach-speak is bad

This doesn’t even mean anything. Every coach tries to win games – “building a culture” is just a tired cliché. There is nothing profound or newsworthy about this statement.

We’re about to get walloped with some snow

5-7 inches expected, starting at 9 pm and running through Saturday.

Batten down the hatches, stock up on the essentials, and get ready to watch all three extended edition Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back because we’re all gonna have a SNOW DAY bay-beeeeeeeeee! It’s winter for real.

Central vs. Centennial happening tonight

Tip-off happens around 7:30. Central opened their season with a 12-point win over Centennial at Combes Gym in November, backed by a couple of Khailieo Terry dunks.

Read Colin Likas’ feature on Central’s Sam Beesley here, and Centennial’s Bryson Cowper here, both published this week.

It’s National Mentoring Month…want to be a mentor?

Can’t cosign this enough. You should be a mentor.

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Handgun found on University of Illinois campus

This is spooky.

Here’s a good feature on former Illini tight end Michael Hoomanawanui

He now plays for the New Orleans Saints. He’s been in concussion protocol since August after suffering his 5th (!!) brain injury since being in the league.

I love football, don’t get me wrong, but damn is it brutal.

Anyway, he’s been filling in as an assistant coach this year, and The Times-Picayune profiled him ahead of New Orleans’ playoff game on Sunday.

(Josh Katzenstein / Times-Picayune)

Urbana is getting a new clothing store of some sort

Details are sparse. Here’s a Facebook post from the City: