Elected Officials Feud Over Girl Scout Cookies

This is not a drill.

Sometimes we think of Champaign-Urbana as a booming micro-urban community, but at our core we are really a small town.

That more evident than ever on Wednesday, when Champaign City Councilwoman Clarissa Fourman announced on Facebook that she was stiffed by Mayor Deb Feinen when she asked the mayor to buy Girl Scout cookies from her daughter.

Fourman said she had previously bought cookies from Feinen’s daughters.

Mere hours later, Mayor Feinen decided to draw a line in the sand:

Woof! That got mean, fast! Over cookies! On a public forum! Between elected officials! (Both of these posts were public – that’s what the globe next to the time-stamp means.)

Maybe next time, Deputy Mayor Tom Bruno will buy a box of thin mints (or some recreational weed) for everyone on the council, just to keep the peace.

Mayor Feinen and Councilwoman Fourman later issued apologies here.